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Лебедев Вячеслав Михайлович

Vyacheslav Lebedev      

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Doctor of Law, Professor
Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation

Judge of the highest qualification class

Mr. Lebedev was born on August 14th, 1943, in Moscow.
In 1968 he graduated from the Law Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

He began his work in 1969 at a human resources section of a department of the Ministry of Industrial Construction of the USSR.

In 1970 he was elected judge of the People’s District Court for Leningradskiy District in Moscow.

In 1977 he was appointed president of the People’s District Court for Zheleznodorozhniy District in Moscow.

He became deputy president of Moscow City Court in 1984, assuming the position of the court’s president in 1986.

Mr. Lebedev was first appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in July 1989.

Mr. Lebedev is an Honorary Professor of the National Judges’ College of the People’s Republic of China (2002), Honorary Doctor of Laws of the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines, 2006) and of Sofia University (Bulgaria, 2007), an Honoris Causa Doctor of the National University “Odessa Law Academy” (Ukraine, 2011), an Honorary Professor of the Ibero-American University (Dominican Republic, 2012) and a laureate of “Femida” - Russia’s highest legal award (1998).

On numerous occasions Mr. Lebedev has acted as editor of commentaries to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. In 2000 he published a book called “Formation and Development of the Judiciary in Russia”. He is also a co-author of a six-volume publication “Judiciary in Russia: History and Documents”, which in 2004 was named the best Russian book on the history of the judiciary.

Mr. Lebedev combines the work of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation with legislative, organizational, scientific and teaching activities. He is an author of more than 50 articles, commentaries and publications on issues regarding the judicial reform, the development of the judiciary, access to justice, the improvement of the judicial system and the quality of work of the courts.

Mr. Lebedev has been decorated with multiple governmental and state awards for his work.
In 1998 he received the state order “For Services to the Fatherland”, 3rd degree. In 2003 he received the state order “For Services to the Fatherland”, 2nd degree, for his dedicated work and outstanding contribution to justice in Russia. In 2012 he was decorated with the Order of Alexander Nevskiy. In 2013 he received the state order “For Services to the Fatherland”, 4th degree.

In August of 2008 he received a Certificate of Merit of the President of the Russian Federation for his dedicated work and contribution to the rule of law. In December of the same year he was awarded a commendation by presidential decree for his active participation in drafting the Constitution of the Russian Federation and his contribution to the development of democratic principles in Russia.

In March of 2013 Mr. Lebedev was awarded, by governmental decree, the Medal of Pyotr Stolypin, 1st degree.



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